What should we wear?


  1.  Pick three colors (one being a neutral) and put together outfits with those colors only.  More than three colors a bits busy.  Here, they picked navy blue, white, and pink.  Neutrals include black, white, gray, yellow, khaki, etc.
  2. Try and pick colors that complement the surrounding environment.  Navy blue and white are classic color choices for a beach session.
  3. Try to coordinate outfits without looking overly “match”.  Avoid wearing same colors and instead, find a color palette you love and piece together items from that palette that are complementary to one another.
  4. Bring toys or other fun items that your kids love.  These props will help mark this special time in your kids life and help your child feel at ease during the shoot.  Think balloons, dolls, teas table, chairs, or teddy bears.
  5. Wear clothes that are fashionable and functional.  Kids will need to move around and fussy clothes that they’re not used to can be frustrating.
  6. Stay away from white or character themed tennis shoes, shoes with bulky soles, or any shoe that takes away from the child and outfit.  Solid color shoes and boots are always best.
  7. Avoid items that distract from the scene.  White socks, sunglasses, cell phone & key in pockets, and white t-shirts to name a few!
  8. Pay attention to nails! People often forget to trim and clean their nails before portraits are taken and you don’t want them to distract from the people and faces being photographed!
  9. Layers are fantastic for boys and for girls.  Add in the layers (jackets, vests, leggings, and tights) and accessories (hats, scarves, necktie or bowtie, and headbands) to give your kids outfits a stylized look.